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Xtreme Promotions 7​


Xtreme Promotions 7​

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Event Date: 18th November 2023

Event Start: 3.30PM GMT

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Fight Card

Jamie Lister vs. Danny Dixon – Professional MMA 70kg interim title

Dimas Carrilho (Holland) vs. Ash Shemeld (England) – Xtreme welterweight championship

Connor Harris vs. Layton Kane – BJJ championship

Calum Lee vs. Jack Bangs – MMA featherweight championship

Diogo Gromicho vs. Gareth Duffy – BJJ championship

Jose Andres vs. Jake Williams – Catchweight MMA

Lee Hilton vs. Ibrar Karim – Catchweight Boxing

Darren Deam vs. Jordan Hewitt – Featherweight MMA

Ike Izzo (Holland) vs. Ash Harrison (England) – Catchweight international K1

Hayden Sheriff – Interval Masters K1 Championship

Declan Pritchard vs. Phil Mannian – Catchweight K1

Josh Tobin vs. Jake Watkins – Catchweight MMA

Josh Staton vs. Joe West – British WMTGA championship

Scott Hamer vs. Terah Thomas – Featherweight K1

Will O’Reilly vs. Sam Wall – Featherweight MMA

Ryan Bean vs. Jai Fu – Catchweight K1

Piotr Reczyk vs. Reece O’Brian – BJJ Catchweight

Connor Rathbone vs. Evan Burgess – Welterweight K1

Amelia Thompson vs. Emily Lai – Junior K1

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