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Snake Pit World Championships 2023


Snake Pit World Championships 2023

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Event Date: 28th October 2023

Event Start: 6.30PM BST | 1.30PM ET

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1) Nikki Hilton vs Suzie Buckley

2) Gareth Melia vs Charlie Meadows

3) Mike Clark vs Mohammad Abbaspour

4) George Fasey vs Tommaso Foti

5) Tyler Loethen vs Luke Evans

6) Tom Higgins vs Matteo Foti

7) Nic Osei vs Brett Pfarr

8) Khizar Rehman vs Wade Barrick

9) Charlie Meadows vs Ewan Jack Lister

10) Mohammad Abbaspour vs Jonathan Powell

11) Johnny White vs Finley Marshall

12) Tsvetomir Todorov vs Winner of bout 4

13) Spike Carlyle vs Winner of bout 5

14) Taylor McCann vs Winner of bout 6

15) Brett Clarke vs Winner of bout 7

16) Bobby Warde vs Tistan Hutton 

17) Craig Hartley vs Winner of bout 8

18) Angel Verduzco vs Jonas Van Caeneghem 

19) Nicholas Caggia vs Chris Lomas

20) Adam Wheatley vs John Olivieri 

21) Gareth Melia vs Ewan Jack Lister

22) Mike Clark vs Jonathan Powell

23) Owen Livesey v Josh Barnett

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